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The driver comes first at Cleaning Twente. Our tank cleaners are at your disposal and will help your driver in any way they can. Most of them are eloquent in several languages. Our team is highly skilled, efficient and customer friendly.

It is also possible to clean silo’s as well as the inside of trailers and coolers. If necessary disinfection is also possible (with chemicals and steam).
There are facilities to heat your tank with steam or electricity. Heating with glycol is not possible. Cleaning Twente has an automated steaming point so it is possible to heat your tank during the whole week (including nights and weekends). The tank has to be present though during normal work hours so our employees can connect the tank to the steam rack.

A large parking is at your disposal where it is possible to stay the night. The company is guarded by camera’s and fences. Other facilities are a canteen and a shower.

Opening times

Monday to Friday        06.00 – 21.00