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Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Twente is your specialist for the cleaning of tank trucks. On the designated chemical bays it is possible to clean trucks from the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry. With high tech equipment and lean cleaning programs Cleaning Twente is able to clean your truck fast and efficient. High service and good prices are our selling points.

What can be cleaned at Cleaning Twente:

  • Cleaning according to customer specified wishes
  • Cleaning of hoses (E50)
  • Cleaning of appendages (E55)
  • Sealing (E90)
  • Kosher procedure (P26)
  • Steaming/heating (P40)
  • Disinfection (P50 / P51)
  • Vacuum test (T90)
  • Sealing (E90)
  • A variety of procedures like polymer cleaning, moped procedure and more

Only drinking water (F01) is used for the cleaning of the tanks. The detergents used are NSF approved (food grade).