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Cleaning Twente, founded in 1987, is a high quality tank cleaning in Hengelo. With over 30 years of experience Cleaning Twente has become an important cleaning link in the tank and tank container transport chain.

There are 3 separate cleaning bays with state of the art cleaning equipment. Two bays are designated for the cleaning of chemicals products. One bay is assigned especially for food stuff only and is EFTCO Food approved. HACCP guide lines are in place. Our efficient of working results in short waiting times and good prices.

Periodically cleaning of a tank is a requirement to maintain a high product quality and good hygiene. Therefore it is for the utmost importance that the cleaning will be done with the best equipment to get the maximum results. All cleaning are carried out following customer demands and following the rules from the EFTCO (http://www.eftco.org/european-cleaning-document/explanation-and-guidance).