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Cleaning food stuff

Cleaning Twente has a specialized food bay. This is the first 200 bar food bay cleaning in the Netherlands. On this EFTCO Food approved food bay cleanings are carried out according strict HACCP guidelines.

What is possible at the food bay:

  • Cleaning according to customer specified wishes and with Clean Guard System
  • Cleaning of hoses (E50)
  • Cleaning of appendages (E55)
  • Sealing (E90)
  • Kosher Procedure / Cleaning (P26)
  • Steaming/heating (P40)
  • Disinfection (P50 / P51)
  • Vacuum test (T90)
  • Turbidity check (F60)
  • Conductivity check (F61)
  • ATP swabs (F62)
  • pH check (F63)
  • A variety of procedures like Cargill, VDF and more

Only drinking water (F01) is used for the cleaning of the tanks. The detergents used are NSF approved (food grade). After the cleaning you will of course receive an EFTCO FOOD ECD.