Most chemicals are transported in packagings with a UN certification. IBC’s with this UN certification have to undergo an airtightness test and/or a leak test every 2,5 years. These test may only be carried out by companies who are acknowledged by the Dutch government as a certified inspection site. SenS Interclean has such a certificate and is allowed to carry out these tests with different kinds of IBC’s.

When a test of an IBC was approved the IBC will be branded with the date of approval and the mark of our company. In case of an inspection during the transportation of your IBC’s the government can tell by this mark which company has carried out the inspections and that the IBC is fulfilling regulation. After each inspection your company will receive a certificate from us so you will always have prove that your company is abiding the law.

Certain IBC’s have to replace the innerbox every 5 years besides the 2,5 years leak test. SenS Interclean can also perform this action for you and is certified for this. Our pressure inspector will replace the inner box quickly and professional so that your IBC has its life span expanded with another 5 years.

Should your IBC’s been damaged or leaking then we can repair your IBC, as well synthetic as stainless steel. We have very good contacts with the manufacturers of the IBC’s which results in short waiting times for spare parts. The welding of synthetic or stainless steel packaging is also possible.