IBC’s, also known as Intermediate Bulk Carriers, come in different sizes and kinds. There are multiboxes, variboxes, Fusions, stainless steel containers and many more. SenS Interclean BV is capable to clean almost all kinds and sizes. After the cleaning they are as good as new so you can use them again in your production process.

The following steps are performed during the cleaning process:

  • Outside cleaning with removal of stickers and glue
  • Cleaning of lids
  • Cleaning of tap
  • Inside cleaning with high pressure and temperature and with optional alkaline cleaners.
  • Leak test including check of top with gas leak detection spray
  • Drying
  • Sealing of tap
  • Visual control at the end

SenS Interclean is also capable of cleaning IBC with no tap at the bottom (Varibox / Fusion). With a special machine we are able to tilt the IBC and clean the inside then. Cleaning according to GMP demands are also possible.