It is possible to clean synthetic barrels at SenS Interclean. Synthetic barrels are either the double lid barrels or the open lid barrels. The volume of the barrels can differ from 60 to 200 liters. Barrels will be cleaned first on the outside where stickers and glue will be removed with high pressure pistols and solvents. After that the barrel will be placed into an advanced barrel cleaning machine. In this machine the barrel will be cleaned several times as well on the outside as on the inside with high pressure. This can be done with hot water or cold water, depending on the last product in the barrel. After cleaning the barrel will be visually checked and dried with a watervacuum cleaner. Since the barrel is hot after cleaning it will be as good as dry after several minutes.

The following steps are performed during the cleaning process:

  • Outside cleaning
  • Cleaning of lids
  • Inside cleaning
  • Removal of water in barrel after cleaning with vacuum cleaner
  • Visual inspection with light
  • Drying by air
  • Sealing of barrels on pallet if wanted